Tatsumakigan (竜巻の目; literally meaning Tornado Eye) is a dōjutsu supported and owned by the Supairaru clan. However, due to instant kill of all the members of the Supairaru clan with the exception of Nejire Supairaru (which survived), Tatsumakigan was never developed by the head of the clan Kazaguruma Supairaru. Kazaguruma orded Nejire to run away, leaving him alone to make him fight only with Kaitenshi Supairaru against the 11-Tailed Giraffe which is sealed inside Nejire Supairaru, by a ressurected Kaitenshi and Supin. In the Third Shinobi World War, Nejire Supairaru's 11-tailed Giraffe was captured and sealed by the Akatsuki inside Aka Hyuga, a member of the Akatsuki.


It looks like Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan turned grey.


Known Users (list)Edit

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Nejire, Kazakuruma, Kaitenshi, Supin, Kaze, Kakumei, Wakusei